I love the heating system

My best friend finally got his dream job, but his first week has not been ideal. He wanted to be working with computer codes and programming styles, and be the guy to help troubleshoot and improve the programs the company he works for makes. However, he has not been able to do that yet. Contrary to writing hours of code, or even just examining hours of code to find the one single error that causes the program to be faulty, he got sent to fix up the server room. His boss  told him that the servers have been running ridiculously slow for months, and they wanted to eliminate some of the possible problems that may be going on before they take more drastic measures. The moment he was assigned the task, he noticed immediately that it was far too hot for the servers to be very healthy. When he reported it to his boss, the boss said that they had gotten used to the heat. My friend felt it was necessary to clean and change out the cooling fans in every one of the server towers. The next task was to tackle the problem of the HVAC system. The HVAC system was not doing a very good job of cooling off that room. So my friend ended up  fiddling with the ductwork and rerouting far more cool air into the server room. Once he manage to do that, the computers at his company started performing significantly better right off the bat. He’s not quite doing what he dreamed of yet, but he’s certain he’ll get there after impressing them with his hand in fixing the server room.

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