I love the design!

Have you ever been to someone’s home and just been overwhelmed by the beauty of the space? That happens to me when I visit my friend’s home because she has such a keen eye for interior design. I always thought that she completed the look of her home herself, but I recently found out that that is not true. She employed  the skilled hand of fine custom furniture home design specialists. That is why her home looks so gorgeous and you can simply smell the quality when you waltz in the front door. She came up with  a basic concept for her home, and then the design specialists offered her their expertise in designing a comprehensive space through timeless design and carefully crafted custom furniture throughout her living room, dining room, and bedroom. They focused on furnishings, bedding, and window treatments and incorporated just the perfect colors, patterns, fabrics, and furniture placement, to make the space come together to create the perfect ambience in her home.  My absolute favorite element in her home, though, is the custom furniture. When I walk into her home, it is so apparent that her furniture serves as art. When you look at a painting or sculpture and emotions are reflected in your heart, that is art. And that is precisely what happens when I step foot into my friend’s home. Her custom furniture is art.

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