I love the custom furniture shop

My brother started working in a custom furniture building shop after he graduated from high school.

He wanted to secure an apprenticeship making custom built furniture.

When he was in high school, he had gone to a technical school where he learned how to do upholstery and he was really good at it. He learned how to do rolled upholstery and after he had reupholstered mom’s leather sofa, she was amazed at how beautiful it was. When he was accepted at a custom built furniture house, he was thrilled. I had an opportunity to go to the furniture shop and see what he was doing. The owner of the custom furniture company was showing me around. I got to see the product when it was just boards and there was nothing but a skeleton they said was going to become a sofa and chair. They showed me how the padding was added, and the springs and boards that support the padding. It was beginning to look like a sofa and chair that didn’t have any real structure or had just been in a cage with a lot of wild animals. I finally made it to the final step of where they were adding the upholstery. One chair had a rich chestnut brown leather being added. The arms were rolled and there were the most amazing button tacks to hold the leather in place. I knew then that someday, I would have a custom made leather sofa and chair in my home. Till I was done with my tour, I couldn’t imagine having anything but custom made furniture.


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