I love that our air conditioner is working

I assure you I am not known by my friends for being an extreme outdoorsy sort of person. My idea of roughing it is hiking a few trails with my dog, breaking a superb sweat, and afterwards cooling down with a ice-cold cocktail back home.  I’m definitely not out there forging my own trails or spending days on end in the forest. At most, I’m working to balance my own mental health with exercise on a small natural retreat. That’s why I was a little uncertain when a few of my buddies started talking about camping the other month. I wasn’t comfortable, however I agreed so that I wouldn’t be the boor in the group. As upset as I felt, apparently someone else had reason to feel even worse. Our neighbor Steve’s girlfriend was quite a show. Let me tell you! She brought a HVAC device with her on our camping trip. I’m not talking about a little office fan or a common camping heater either. I mean that this girl brought a full mini-break ductless HVAC machine with her, and she even expected the device to be setup in their nylon tent. I don’t even begin to assume how she expected the ventilation aspect to manage in those conditions. Apparently just because the unit doesn’t need ductwork, she thought the Heating, Ventilation, and A/C machine could be placed anywhere? From the moment they arrived, she had Steve dragging the HVAC machinery across the campsite, just so he could demonstrate to her the numerous ways it wouldn’t task properly without an air intake located outside the tent, Unfortunately she refused to take his advice, and also refused to try camping without the huge temperature control device. In no time, she ended up departing in a perfectly climate controlled uber.

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