I love my girls

I recently bought a house for the first time in my life and I thought it would be the best thing to happen to me. Turns out it has been nothing but one headache after another for the past year of my life. It started with the roof getting a leak in it. It was spring at the time and raining heavily, so of course it became an immediate issue that had to be dealt with. Then the HVAC system started breaking down piece by piece. First, the furnace suddenly turned off during the night which I didn’t find out about until the morning when it was freezing in my bedroom. The problem turned out to be a bad blower motor that had to be replaced. I cursed the HVAC company I hired for the price they charged until I shopped around and found they were actually the cheapest. Next, the air conditioner broke the second time I used it only about a month later. Again I had to call out the HVAC company to deal with the problem, and again I felt they charged me too much to fix it until I compared prices with other local HVAC companies. Last month the heat barely felt like it was coming through the vents even though the furnace seemed to be running normally. This time there were holes in the ducts that the HVAC technician had to patch. In a couple spots he actually had to put new pieces of duct in because the damage was so bad. He said he had no idea how it could get so bad so quickly. I think I am cursed.

HVAC repair