I love it up there

My husband and I enjoy traveling to different towns on weekends where we can both get away, plus it’s usually to a place that can be reached in a relatively short amount of time.  My husband and I call these our “one tank trips,” meaning it’s a place that we can get to on no more than a single tank of gas in the car. On our last trip, we actually found a neat little town that is the current home of a major ice cream manufacturer plus distributor.  Once we made our way inside the factory, we both instantly signed up for the public tour. One of the things I found most interesting was the storage space they had for the various packaged ice cream products before they got shipped out on reefer trucks to go to grocery stores. The storage areas were these enormous freezers that were kept just below zero degrees. They supply everyone on the tour with big parkas to wear as they guide you through the frosty freezers.  Inside the giant freezers, there are these pallets of different ice cream products stacked and towering almost twenty feet tall, plus each are arranged by the date they went in there so that they are rotated out sequentially. The outside of that particular space is kept to a moderately cool temperature as well, which helps keep the freezers running efficiently. The factory is kept cool by big industrial heating, ventilation, plus A/C units that are designed to act more as refrigerators than the typical commercial heating, ventilation, plus A/C units. By the end of the tour we all were pretty cold, but it was genuinely a blast going through the factory. The best part of all was the free sample space at the end of the tour.

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