I love hotel air conditioning

Even though I do not appreciate road trips, I do appreciate staying in hotels.

My spouse is more of a rustic kind of guy, so she prefers to stay in chalets or tents, but I dislike staying in both chalets plus tents.

I appreciate hotels. They are luxury to me. I do a lot of traveling for my task, so I frequently get to stay in hotels which is awesome. My spouse comes with me whenever she can, but she really does not appreciate to stay in hotels. She thinks that they are way lavish which I agree with, but the two of us do not have to pay for the room when I travel for work, so the price does not bother me at all. My number one part about staying in a hotel is the air conditioning! Every hotel that I have ever stayed in had great air conditioning. It keeps the room so cool. I appreciate to sleep in a really cold room with lots of heavy blankets on me, so sleeping in a hotel room is great to me. I truly appreciate it. My spouse does not agree with me about the air conditioning in hotel rooms, plus I guess that is because she has had some rough experiences with hotel HVAC systems. She has told me plenty of stories about when she plus her dad would go on fishing trips plus stay in hotels that did not have working air conditioning, and one time, they stayed in a hotel where the gas furnace was stuck on, plus they had to leave the door open in the middle of the Winter time just to keep the room from being over ninety degrees. I have never had a rough experience in a hotel appreciate that, so I appreciate staying in hotels.


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