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When all of my friends plus myself were 17, a new pizza joint opened up across town. They needed 20 employees to start working on the first day, so all of my friends plus myself put in our applications + waited to hear something. One of my friends was lucky, plus got hired to be part of the wait staff in the dining room. I was absolutely unlucky, because I was stuck working in the kitchen, boxing plus making different types of pepperoni pizzas. The kitchen was always murder in the summer, because we didn’t have any A/C equipment whatsoever. My bestie who worked in the dining room, didn’t have any issues with the A/C equipment at all. The company had absolutely made sure that the A/C equipment in the dining room was always working well and clean. All of my friends love being able to eat in the dining room, because the A/C equipment was always cool. All of my friends plus myself worked at the pizza joint for almost 2 years, but they never had any A/C equipment during that whole time. It would have been an expensive for our owner to install a mini-split A/C equipment in the kitchen, but they just gave us a large industrial fan instead. It didn’t help a lot, but at least it kept us from getting overheated + having heat stroke. When all of my friends stopped boiling at the pizza parlor, all of my friends were presented with an even better job opportunity. I got to work in an office, with a great indoor atmosphere.

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