I like to review the daily report

My girlfriend and I are avid movie fans, and decided that both of us would try our hand at making a short movie; The system for the movie itself was pretty ghoulish, about a family of crazy clowns having victims over for a formal breakfast… She and I spent a few afternoons transforming our kitchen into a carnival setting. I hung up plastic sheeting over all the walls, partially because it looked cool and mostly to keep the apartment walls from getting stained with fake blood. I have to admit, the setting looked pretty cool, but both of us did run into a couple small concerns. Whenever the central cooling system would kick on, it would make the plastic sheeting billow up, which would make it impossible to shoot. On the other hand, both of us couldn’t just shut off the cooling system for an entire afternoon; my girlfriend would entirely overheat. I tried closing the just air duct vents in the kitchen, and that helped a little bit. It did not altogether solve the problem, though, because the circulating air from the cooling method kept tugging at the plastic making it float up. However even when my girlfriend taped the plastic sheeting down, those darned air duct vents in the rest of the apartment would still make it move! Finally both of us had to just keeping getting up to shut down the cooling system for a few minutes at a time, just long enough to get some scenes shot. It was sort of a hassle running back and forth to the temperature control all through the afternoon, but ultimately it was worth it. This movie is going to be great!

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