I like riding my bike for a workout

I participate in a personal training class several days per week.

The fitness expert who runs the class loves having us bike.

We ride the stationary bike for a big portion of the class. Sometimes the class is a plain old spin class and other days it is just thirty minutes of peddling at fast speed up an incline. My fitness instructor has talked so much about the benefits of biking that I am now getting back into it. I purchased a high quality bicycle. This is something I haven’t done since I first got my driver’s license. I now ride my bike to work out on the days when I’m not at the gym. Where I live, I have access to a long bike path that is paved. I enjoy being able to ride for miles and miles. I have the bike set up so I have everything I need right with me. I have a water bottle holder, phone mount and a cordless sound speaker that hooks to my bike. I also installed a bike basket that carries a yoga mat, jump rope and sweat towel. I have made sure that my ride is perfect for my workouts. I don’t just stick to the bike for workouts either. I often ride to the grocery store to stock up a few things, handle a bank deposit or run an errand to the post office. I am much healthier because of riding a bike. I like that I’m saving the environment and spending less on gas for my car. Riding a bicycle has definitely improved the way I look. My butt and thighs have never been so toned. I am constantly doing something physical during my free time now. I even look forward to the biking section of my fitness class since I have gotten so good at biking.
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