I like keeping them close to home

We are a particularly religious and tightly knit family plus the two of us were particularly disappointed a few years ago when our state decided to take away our religious exemption tax credits for our teenagers to attend public university. It’s about the vaccine issue… we don’t want to use them. The two of us don’t feel safe using these shots when God blessed us all with immune systems already. So the two of us have resorted to keeping the kids at home, plus while I was particularly irritated about it at first, I have l gone on and received there are several benefits to home learners. For starters, you don’t have to worry about somebody coming in and shooting up the university. The children don’t have to worry about dealing with bullies. But, for me, the thing I know I appreciate the most is that I know our teenagers will always be totally comfortable with the ideal temperature control settings. We have purchased a powerful Heating plus A/C plan plus the two of us regularly keep our family house particularly comfortable. We have a UV air purification hooked up to the central HVAC for an ultra clean environment plus with the teenagers being stuck inside for school, they don’t catch all these nasty viruses at the playground anymore. The UV air purification is amazing. It’s crazy that people feel like our children might get sick easily, when in reality, we have less germs than them! Call me paranoid or crazy – I don’t care! I guess their vaccines don’t actually work.


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