I learn so much from one book

When me and my wife recently built our new home, we decided that we wanted it to be of concrete construction rather than wood. We discovered that there would be many benefits to a concrete home over a wood home. For one thing, we live in an area that gets plenty of hurricanes and tornadoes, so we would be far safer in a concrete home. there’s just something to be said for a much sturdier building.The other reason is how much more insulated we would be from the extreme elements of the region that we lived in. We get very hot summers and very cold winters around here, and our thick concrete walls coupled with the advanced insulation material used in homes these days ensured that we would be warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer before even factoring in HVAC. In fact, when we got around to installing our HVAC system, we hired a very reputable and knowledgeable company that informed us that the HVAC system we install could be significantly smaller thanks to the more efficient insulation of the concrete walls. Basically, if we had chosen to build the house with wood at the same square footage, we would have to get a bigger HVAC system.This was a pleasant surprised to learn, and just another reason it was a wise choice to build our home out of concrete instead of wood.Though we do prefer to use our HVAC system, it is indeed surprising walking into our home even with the climate control turned off, to find that it is indeed naturally quite a few degrees warmer or cooler then the temperature outside, depending on the season.

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