I know we will get through this

Last year, my husband and I survived a living nightmare while remodeling the guest bathroom. We finally paid off our debts, and we were in a financial position to start the kitchen project. We dreaded starting another remodeling project, but we knew it was time to start the kitchen. He said that maybe we should tackle the computer room first because it was smaller and easier. We examined the cupboards in the kitchen and found out that they were not properly installed.  We put all of our kitchen supplies into the spare home office, and we got to work. The cupboards were ripped out, and we soon realized that this space used to be a laundry room. The air vents were closed off, and they should have been installed with the bathroom exhaust fans. There was a radiator strip, about a foot long, hidden beneath the desk behind the cupboards. We removed the carpet and realized that the flooring rotted away. Someone just covered up the damaged floor with carpet instead of repairing it, or perhaps water leaked out from the washer.  We knew we were facing another remodeling nightmare. We were lucky that we didn’t have mold, but we knew we would have to install new radiator strips. We ended up putting in a mini-cut HVAC system because the room was so small. Installing the tiny HVAC system was simple, and it didn’t take up any space, because it’s a wall unit placed up high near the ceiling.

mini split system