I know we need our own place

Anytime my HVAC has an issue, I just cringe inside. The reason is that my husband thinks he is a HVAC technician. He never went to school, studied or logged in field hours. He just thinks he is handy enough to do a heating and cooling repair. My husband tries, but he is not good about HVAC. The first thing he does is usually take the HVAC completely apart. I hate it when he does this. Sometimes the HVAC just needs a new air filter. If the air filter is dirty, the HVAC won’t turn on. It does not want to damage itself heating and cooling with dust inside. You just need to replace the air filter, not take it apart. Sometimes the AC just needs refrigerant or the heater needs lubrication. Taking apart the system is not always required, but my husband does it. He then messes around with the inside of the system. He is way too rough and always seems to be in a rush. It is a miracle he has not broken anything substantial yet. What I do is wait for him to go to work or go to golf. The moment my husband is out of the house, I deduce the repair and fix it. There are times I need to call a HVAC contractor. I have to be real sneaky with this though. I need the HVAC guy to come in quick and leave no evidence of his presence in my home. It would hurt my husband’s feelings if he thought I doubted his skills.

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