I know this will be expensive

I used to long for the nights when my parents would leave me at home alone while they went out on dates. I could do almost whatever I wanted without anyone to stop me. There was one instance, however, that ruined it all for me. My parents were going on a dinner date and afterwards thought they would go for a movie at the local theater. They told me not to cause trouble, to go to bed on time, and to finish my homework. Little did they know I had no intention of doing any of it. They kissed my forehead, said goodbye, and I was free! I began my usual “bad kid” routine which continued for about a half hour until I heard a loud thump noise. It surprised me so much that I fell off the couch! The thumping continued, which made me think there was an intruder in my home. I ran into the closet and hid for another half hour. The thumping continued until I decided I could not take it anymore. I ran to get the telephone and quickly returned to my hideout as quietly as possible. The authorities were called and arrived in less than five minutes. My parents came home shortly after they arrived. I assumed they must have been alerted of the invasion. The police left not long after they had arrived. When I asked my parents why they were leaving if they had not caught the intruder. My parents laughed and explained that the thumping was caused by our outdated HVAC system! Something in the furnace had broken and began hitting the pipe that led to the cooling unit. I was so embarrassed that I had been scared of an HVAC system! Now, whenever my parents leave to go on a date, they are sure to check the Heating and Air Conditioning system, especially the furnace, for problems beforehand.