I know it’s time to buy a new air conditioner –

I know it’s time to replace my whole-home air conditioner. The cooling system was installed approximately eighteen years ago. I’ve taken very good care of it. Every spring, I hire a licensed HVAC contractor to provide a complete service. He cleans, troubleshoots and adjusts all of the components, replacing any worn or broken parts. Every month, during the cooling season, I change the air filter and clean all of the supply and return vents. Despite my conscientious upkeep, the air conditioner is beginning to fail. I’ve noticed a strange grinding sound whenever it starts up, and the system runs for much longer cycles. I can tell that it is having a difficult time keeping up with the summer heat and humidity. Because of the extended running times, the air conditioner is using more energy and costing more to operate. I’m so worried about the cost of my monthly electric bills, that I’ve raised the thermostat setting. Now my house is slightly overheated and clammy at all times. I know that it would be smart to replace the air conditioner before it suddenly quits. I don’t want to face a costly repair or end up in a rush to buy a new system. I should schedule an estimate and installation appointment in the early spring. This would provide plenty of time to discuss options and handle the whole installation process. The new air conditioner would be in place and ready to handle the upcoming summer weather. I’d save money on monthly energy bills and enjoy a healthier more comfortable home. I’d no longer sneeze and suffer headaches every time the air conditioner operated.

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