I know I have to heat and cool the barn

I have been looking into radiant floors because I want to add them to our upstairs. The issue is that I can afford the radiant heating, not the replacement. The whole heated flooring process is super luxurious. The actual gas furnace is not cheap. But, what is the real killer is the furnace replacement. The Heating plus Air Conditioning corporation has to rip up the flooring you want to have the radiant furnace in. Then, the electric mats are fitted under the floors. After this, the Heating plus Air Conditioning professional puts new flooring over the top. The labor, parts plus service costs are quite luxurious. I can’t afford the replacement. I am loosely thinking about just buying the radiant floors plus installing it on our own. How hard could the heating replacement be? I looked online plus found there are two types of radiant floors, electric plus hydronic. Hydronic heating replacement calls for piping plus a boiler system. That way looks super hard plus where you would need a professional. The electric flooring looks super straightforward though. I recognize I can rip up our floors easy enough. Setting up electric mats flush to a single another in a reasonable pattern does not sound hard. Hooking up the electric to the flooring doesn’t seem terrible. Adding new flooring would undoubtedly be the hardest part. I would not mind paying a friend to help with that process. That would ensure I did it well plus only paid a little for the work. I am distraught that I am overconfident in our heating set up skills. Maybe it is worse than it sounds.