I knew that was smart

When my dad passed away, my mom started to look for something to keep her time busy. My mom had honestly spent more than one decade of her life working in the school district. Every one of my friends in addition to myself can’t honestly remember when our mom was the school librarian for six years. My mom was retired for a long time, but she honestly wanted to get back into working once dad passed away. The very first thing my mom did was start placing applications in at all few of the local libraries in addition to book stores. It wasn’t long before my mom found the Books-A-Million was hiring. They hired my mom right away, after seeing how much experience she had in libraries. One thing that certainly was different, was working in the library these days. When my mom was a school librarian, nothing was automated at all. Most of the bookstore is fully automated with computers in addition to a specific software tracking program. Everyone of my friends in addition to myself are surprised to see Mom doing so well. She’s really gotten the hang of the automated program, despite the fact that all of these things are so new. Everyone of us believe that Mom will quickly learn this computer automation program, so that she can help out the Books-A-Million even more in the process. My mom is honestly a fast learner in addition to the fact that all of us are here to help her learn anything she needs to about the internet, technology, in addition to automated programs.

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