I just wanted to make sure my mother didn’t roast to death overnight

I wasn’t too happy the other day when I got off work and my mother called me up. I thought it might be something entirely serious and she told me she couldn’t get her cooling system to work. I didn’t want her to roast to death so I went over to her house to check everything out. She was telling me that she kept trying to adjust the thermostat but it wasn’t responding at all. She said she thought the thermostat was broken and perhaps she needed a new one. I told her to relax while I checked everything out. When I looked at the thermostat, it was just a blank screen and nothing was responding as she said. Then I thought it was probably just the batteries that died. Sure enough, when I put in some new batteries, the screen lit up and the HVAC system roared to life. She was alarmed and asked what I did to fix it. She acted like I was some kind of HVAC repair God that knew the secrets to all HVAC problems. I told her it wasn’t anything major, it was just the batteries that needed to be replaced. She was shocked at that and didn’t realize that could be the problem. I was just happy that I was able to take care of the problem with her cooling system so she wouldn’t roast to death through the night. I was really tired though so I told her I loved her and had to be going so I could get some sleep.


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