I just didn’t want a problem

Every Spring and Summer, our area gets pummeled with storms. Sometimes we will have rain for days and days. Even though we have huge amounts of precipitation, we still regularly use our air conditioner. During spring and summer, our average temperatures are well into the 80s and 90s. Even with thunder and lightning, my family and I still have to use the air conditioner for managing our Indoor Comfort levels. A few weeks ago, we had a terrible tropical storm. We received an inch of rain, and we had wind gusts up to 60 miles per hour. The temperatures were still in the 80s outside, and we continue to use the air conditioner through the storm. After the Storm was over, I noticed a puddle of water forming outside the air conditioner closet. I opened the closet and saw frost on our air conditioner. I turned off the thermostat and contacted the landlord right away. I told the landlord about the puddle of water and the frozen air conditioner. She advised me to keep the system shut off, until the maintenance supervisor could arrive. About 20 minutes later, the maintenance supervisor knocked on my door. He had a bag full of tools in his hand. He used an old hair dryer to melt the frost. After the frost melted away, the air conditioner worked fine again. The outdoor storm debris had become lodged in my drain line. Since the drain line was blocked, my air conditioner froze up. The maintenance supervisor cleaned the drain line and fixed the air conditioner. After that, the air conditioner worked perfectly once again.

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