I invested in having a really well done home

I recently inherited a bunch of money from my grandfather when he passed away.

A lot of people told me to invest the money.

I think I was supposed to buy stocks, rental apartments or maybe even a franchise. Instead I decided to invest in my own home. My house was in good shape, but there was room for improvement. I wanted to add a pool, gym, deck and another room onto the house. I had the money to hire a building construction company to do everything. The construction crew was great at doing everything. They could do the pool construction, gym rebuild and added on a deck with no issue. Putting another room onto the house wasn’t as bad as I thought. One of the team members apparently extends ductwork with current HVAC equipment all the time. They had a special wiring guy that added all the outlets. They even talked to me about adding another bathroom. It was like this building construction crew could do everything. Now that all my construction is done, I am so thankful to those contractors. I kind of want to send them all gift baskets. My house is so nice. My inground pool is huge and state of the art. I have a sweet gym with a ductless mini split inside. I also have another room and attached bathroom. The wrap around deck really completes the look of my house though. If I ever sell, which I most likely will not, I could make a mint off my home.
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