I hope someone helps me

Last month while I was finally working I dropped something on our foot. I knew that it was broken the hour that I did it plus after going to the emergency room, I knew I was right. I told our boss immediately plus since I work in a warehouse that require myself and others to walk around a lot he decided to extend our time off, then he said that I might risk injuring myself further plus he just wanted myself and others to heal so I could get back to work as soon as possible. I decided that I was going to use this time off of work to take of something around that house that I have been putting off, however some of the stuff would have to wait until our foot had healed, however I still wanted to get some stuff done plus not suppose like a lazy bum. I decided I would beginning by installing the new A/C in the garage. I wanted to have an A/C in the garage so that I could use the section as a lake house gym, then currently, the garage is too warm to workout in however I suppose that a easy cooling plan will do the trick. I am hoping that I will be able to install the A/C without having to call a Heating plus A/C company to come out plus do the work. I suppose that I am capable of doing it, however I don’t suppose if I can with our broken foot.

HVAC technology