I have the best family

I have the best family ever.

Everybody in our family actually studied to be something great and everybody has a variety of skills that truly come in handy. Our mother is a nurse and our father is a doctor, I guess that just fits perfectly for them. One sister of mine is a lawyer, and she has been able to help others in the family with various legal matters. My other sister is an event planner and she does an awesome job with putting together various events that are entirely impressive. Then I have a brother who is an HVAC technician. He is basically my best friend and he has taught me a lot about important HVAC system maintenance and how to keep the HVAC running strong. I actually haven’t decided yet what I want to do in life, I am still a Senior in high school. If I have to choose a path though, I think I would go with being an HVAC technician like my brother. Sure, I could be a lawyer or a doctor, but there is so much schooling involved with that type of career. I am proud of all my family members though and I want them to be proud of me as well. None of them have put any pressure on me to go for anything in particular, and that’s something that I really appreciate about my family. It’s all about finding your own way and achieving your own dreams. Nobody judges in my family and everybody is always trying to help eachother out. I love my family.

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