I have noticed that our kid likes the house to be quite cool

I like being a mom! There is nothing like it in the whole world! My fiance and I just became parents about four weeks ago! Our little boy, Matthew, is so sweet, then i cannot get enough of him.

My fiance is just as infatuated as I am, although I would not trade parenting for anything, it is quite hard at times.

I suppose both of us are just starting out, but there are still many things that are trying. The greatest thing is lack of sleep. I only sleep for about four hours a night if even that. My fiance sleeps a little more, but she still does not get enough rest. I have noticed something that helps Matthew sleep through the night, she sleeps so much better when the house is cool. All of us usually keep the house around seventy degrees, but since the baby has been here both of us have tried keeping it at seventy-five degrees. I thought that the baby would care about the house to be a little warmer, but it is not the case. My fiance turned the control device down to sixty-five one day because both of us were having a big group of people over to our house, and both of us knew that it would warm up the house quite a bit to have all of those people there. All of us forgot to turn the temperature back up before both of us chose to go to bed, and that was the best night’s sleep that Matthew had ever had. I kept the temperature of the house at sixty-five, and Matthew has been sleeping so well ever since… Even though I think that she may be too cold, I believe him, and she is not. Maybe it is because she is so chunky. I do not suppose why, but she legitimately enjoys a cool house.



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