I have my preferences

My Mother has always been my idol growing up. She was a teacher at my Elementary School and she was always patient, kind, and everyone’s favorite instructor. I knew I wanted to be a teacher so I could not only make her proud, but impact other students lives like she did my friends. When I graduated from college I didn’t did hired at my alma mater Elementary School immediately, but my Mother pulled some strings since I could begin in the spring semester. This was 20 years since I had entered the school and everything had changed. The major difference I noticed was the school was overly hot. Most students showed signs of heat exhaustion, because it’s so uncomfortably warm that there is no movement in the air. The staff commented it usually is like this when the temperature is cooler outside, although the thermostat can get up to the 90s in most classrooms. This is very hazardous for students health and how they can focus when they’re sweating? I’ve begun providing portable box fans for classrooms and installing window air conditioners for all the portables. I was discussing more ideas with my mother about how to maximize air flow in the school when she recommended I run for school county official. I never considered this, but it is ridiculous that the majority of the schools in the district have heating and air conditioning systems that aren’t functioning properly. Kids come to school to learn and create memories. They shouldn’t recall how they were so overheated in class that they threw up all over their homework.

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