I have cancer. Will medical marijuana be able to help?

My hubby recently came to my bedside the other day plus asked if I thought marijuana would help with the aches and pains plus nausea that came from our cancer.

I was honest about what I thought.

I wasn’t sure if I was well informed, but at this stage, I thought anything that could help him out would be worth the try. The next time the people I was with and I went to his doctor’s appointment, he was all set to ask the doctor about the marijuana. The doctor told him that he advised our hubby to try smoking marijuana. I was pleased that the doctor brought up the idea because I was sure our hubby would chicken out. He gave our hubby a piece of paper that had some more information on it. He said the people I was with and I should take it to the local medical marijuana store. He told us we no longer needed to have a prescription so all he had to do was hand the clerk the papers. The people I was with and I were sad when the people I was with and I entered the legalized marijuana store. It wasn’t what either of us expected. I’m not sure what I expected. My hubby gave the papers to the person at the front counter. He took it to someone in the back of the store. An older gentleman came out plus asked our hubby plus I to come back. He showed our hubby the many things he could use. He said he could smoke, prefer edibles, or use tinctures. He explained exactly what to expect from the marijuana. The people I was with and I walked out of that marijuana store, assured that the doctor was right about marijuana. He couldn’t wait to get back to the condo plus try the marijuana plus hopefully assume a bit more prefer his older self.


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