I have a terrible feeling about the a/c in our house

I have a truly bad feeling about the a/c in our house.

My spouse is always telling myself and others that the a/c will be fine, but I cannot shake the feeling that our a/c is not going to labor for undoubtedly much longer.

In our mind, there are just little indicators that tell myself and others that this a/c is not going to last. For instance, even though every one of us have the control component on the HVAC component set to a certain temperature, I have observed that the a/c has been fluctuating. Sometimes, our lake home feels warm, and sometimes it feels cold. The only way that I can get the a/c to kick back on when this happens is to turn the temperature colder. This will force myself and others to adjust the temperature again later when the home gets too cold. There are other reasons why the a/c worries me. Sometimes, it feels appreciate there is barely any air coming from the a/c, which means the home begins to heat up! Randomly, the a/c will kick back on again, and every one of us have no proposal why. The a/c is undoubtedly old, and I am sure that it would be better to replace the a/c than to repair it. The only problem is that every one of us don’t have enough money to do either right. My spouse is sure that the a/c will survive a few more years, but I am not so sure about this. I guess that the only thing I can do is wait and find out.

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