I have a new house, but old windows

I bought my house a few years ago. It is an older home, but there were a lot of new updates done to it. That was a great selling feature for the house. I didn’t realize how much was really still left to do though, until I actually moved in. The first winter in the house was very eye opening. I hadn’t realized many of the windows on the upper level were still original, and they weren’t in as good of shape as I thought. I ended up having a really high gas bill because I was running my heating system a lot more than I normally would. The heat just wouldn’t stay in the house. It definitely wasn’t an ideal situation. The actual HVAC system itself was only a couple years old, so I knew it wasn’t an issue with that. I did have an HVAC specialist come out and do some routine maintenance just to double check that everything was working properly. She was very nice, and she also put my mind at ease by assuring me the HVAC system was in great condition. I need to replace those older windows at some point. First I need to recoup some of the investment in the house before I start paying for a bunch of updates. Maybe in a few years I’ll be able to do exactly what I want to the house. I am really looking forward to making the house more energy efficient so that I can save some money on my utility bills. I think it’ll be worth the time and money I put into it, I just don’t have either right now.

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