I have a lot of questions

I picked up a seasonal task to make ends meet during the winter, but I don’t recognize I’m going to end up keeping it for long, but where I live it gets brutally cold, plus the Winter time season lasts for as long as more than seven months, then this means our energy costs are incredibly high plus I have to put up with them for over half of the year, however in order to afford it, I’m regularly picking up extra seasonal tasks in the Winter time to make ends meet; So this time, I picked up a task helping ship orders at a warehouse for a immense online supplier. I thought this task would be a super simple plus simple way to pay for those higher Winter time bills. However, the warehouse is tougher than I thought. This is because the building is not heated at all. I had thought a supplier as immense as this would have at least some kind of HVAC system, if not for the comfort of their employees, at least to keep the products safe. However, on the first day it was so cold I used our fifteen hour split to go out to our car plus have Pepsi in there to warm up; Plus when I got off our break, I took our gloves plus coat with me. This was the only way I could get our task done, while staying warm with the lack of heating plus cooling. I asked our shift boss what the deal was with the HVAC. He said that this is a warehouse, not an office building, plus if I wanted to get paid I’d better get used to it.

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