I have a lot of experience

A few weeks ago there was a big storm, as well as a few subsequent flash floods, that slammed the southern end of the state.  We had a lot of refugees pass through our area. However, now that things have stabilized most folks have returned to their homes. Our state still has a lot of extra homeless people in the area now, driven north by the storm as well as just staying here for good. I never give away money, but I will hire people to do my yard work as well as help me with projects. For example, last month I hired numerous odd gentlemen to help me renovate my garage to turn it into a studio, but much to my surprise, one of them had a great deal of experience with air conditionings, which is one thing I certainly needed. I can do a lot of things myself, even at my age, but I never fully understood the intricacies of HVAC systems. This man told me he had worked for an heating and air conditioning company for numerous years. However, he wasn’t a certified cooling worker, he still knew his way around an A/C unit, and while the other gentlemen got 10 dollars an hour to help me restore the garage, the HVAC worker got twenty dollars an hour. It was still a deal for me! I ended up paying him three hundred bucks when I would have had to spend money on a licensed heating and air conditioning dealership ten times that amount! I asked the man if he would be willing to take A/C repair jobs for some friends of mine as well.

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