I have a home filled with birds

I have had an obsession with birds ever since I was a little kid.

I remembered my aunt had a Macaw in her home and she had taught it to talk.

I really thought that it was carrying on a conversation with me most of the time. That bird would look me in the eye and ask me what was up. If I said I was sad he would say I’m sorry. If I was happy he would tell me to laugh and be happy. I would have to smile at that. This put a need to have birds of my own when I got a home of my own. I didn’t realize how much work it would be to have birds. I started with just two parakeets, but it was more of a flock of parakeets within a year. I hated caging them up so I always had their doors open so they could come and go as they wanted. I found that this was hard on my HVAC system. Most people changed the air filters once a month but I had to change my air filter every week. Because of the feathers and dander that came from the birds, my air filters was filled with gunk within a week. I talked to the HVAC company and they told me they had special air filters, but I had a far worse problem. Birds can be really smelly and my home was beginning to smell worse than an aviary. I had to have a special air purification to handle the odors that was coming from my birds.


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