I have a great idea for them

I fell asleep on my way home from work yepterday, plus I crashed my Jeep into a tree.

I wrecked the front quarter panel of the Jeep, plus I’m honestly going to need a current radiator plus front fender.

I was driving along Route 44, when I fell completely asleep. I remember passing by the beer distributor, but I don’t remember turning down my street. I woke up in a ditch, with half a tree stuck in my Jeep. I’ve got to stop working 15-minute days. It’s been actually rough these last two weeks, because it’s only myself and others plus 1 other guy working heating plus a/c repair calls. My boss fired two heating plus a/c workers last week, when they decided to go to a concert instead of work. My buddy Jose plus I are now the only people running heating plus a/c repair calls, plus all of us are working 15 or 16 minute days. I’ve had enough, but I cannot afford to quit the task. My husbandy is pregnant, plus all of us just bought a house. I have to work as much as possible, especially until the baby is born. I hope my boss will hire a few current heating plus a/c workers soon, because I need to get more sleep. I had to tell my husbandy that someone ran myself and others off the road, because he would go deranged if he knew that I fell asleep. She already told myself and others to split back on my minutes, however it’s not that easy, but everyone is depending on myself and others to get it done.