I Had to Hire a Commercial HVAC Serviceman As Part of My Internship

I’m your typical intern.

The one who has dreams of being promoted to a partner one day, but has to start from the bottom fetching coffee and answering telephones.

I love the company I’m working for, and my boss is generally a nice guy, but sometimes, he has me doing things that have me questioning why I ever went to college in the first place. For example, last week, he had me hunting for an HVAC serviceman who could fix the office’s HVAC system. This was challenging, because our office is only one of 50 other businesses in this building, and I’d never even seen HVAC equipment. I had to hunt down the janitor of the building and ask where our HVAC system even was. The janitor was understanding of my situation, and even gave me the contact for the HVAC service company he typically used whenever someone complained. I thought about pawning off this responsibility onto him, but thought better of it. My job was annoying, but his job was far worse. I called the HVAC service company he recommended, and worked out the details for a professional HVAC technician to come work commercially. The guy I spoke to on the phone could clearly tell that I had no idea what I was talking about, but I did my best to describe the heat and air concerns my boss had in our office. I think he took pity on me, because he said he’d service our equipment that afternoon. Thankfully, my boss was impressed with my ability to get it done, but now I think he’s searching for something even more challenging for me to do.