I had to call the HVAC technician

When I rented my apartment, I thought that the landlord would take care of most of my home troubles.

My home really doesn’t have a lot of maintenance problems, but when it did, I couldn’t find the landlord to talk to him.

I knew that I had some problems with the air conditioner because it seemed to be running often, but it wasn’t giving much cool air. I got out of bed the other morning and I walked into the hallway only to step on a wet carpet. It felt really yucky but I knew that there was a problem here. The water was right outside of the closet that housed the air conditioning unit. I opened the closet to find that there was a lot more water on the floor inside. I called my landlord to tell him, but I ended up talking to his answering machine. I thought that I should text him because he may be at work, but he didn’t text me back. Two hours later, I called him again and then I called his wife, but I was being ignored. The water was worse and I had gone through all of my towels. I called the HVAC company and they came out to the house to look at my air conditioning unit. The young man told me that whoever had installed the air conditioner hadn’t properly installed the drain pipe. He fixed the drain and then he inspected the AC unit to make sure it hadn’t been permanently damaged. He even helped to clean up the water, before he left.


HVAC technician