I had an anxiety attack over my HVAC system

I have always been a very hyper type of person. I can have anxiety attacks over nearly anything. My husband laughs and tells me I am like the lady in the old movies who either swoons or has ‘the vapors’ whenever I get upset. I know that I have an anxiety and so does he, but we have to joke about it. There are times when I can’t even go to work because of how anxious I am. It is worse than when someone gets a migraine. With a migraine you can lay down in the dark and put something cold over your eyes. I need to have every light on and have it as cool as possible. My air conditioning gets a good work out when I am having an anxiety attack. I get paranoid and I am scared of everything. The only thing that helps is the air conditioning. A couple weeks ago, I got some bad news about my aunt. I was really distraught and I couldn’t stop crying. I hadn’t seen her in years, but it triggered my anxiety. I turned up the air conditioning because I suddenly felt like I had been put in a box that didn’t have any oxygen. I adjusted the thermostat several times until I was able to find the right temperature that would get me comfortable and able to relax. I don’t know what I would do if I didn’t have the thermostat and knowledge that the air conditioning was going to turn on whenever I needed it. I would be more stressed than I am now.


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