I had an absolute blast

When I was growing up in this house we never even considered getting air conditioning. One of the nice parts of the summer, was sleeping with the windows open and feeling the breeze blow though the bedroom all night. We did use box fans for the week or two of the summer that was super hot, but we mostly spent those dog days at the beach. That’s what summers were for, right? Now, it seems summers are supercharged. They start earlier, get ridiculously hot and humid, and last longer than they should. There’s no way to function without air conditioning in this house any longer. We have window units in the bedrooms but they cost a fortune to run, are noisy, and the rest of the house is still steamy. My wife and kids are demanding I update the place with central air conditioning. Thing is, old houses like this one have no ductwork and the cost of installing ductwork is prohibitive. Thankfully there is a solution that will work for my home: a ductless multi split system. No ductwork needed at all. The cooling units are mounted outside the house and lines and power cables run between the indoor and outdoor components. Just a few small holes will be drilled into walls to connect the air conditioning equipment. The indoor cooling units can be mounted high up on walls or even on ceilings so the character of the house isn’t ruined. The best part of the multi split system is that the temperature controls are installed in each room. This way everyone gets to set the temperature of the room they’re in. That alone will keep me cool.

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