I guess there could be an air duct leak

I suffer from genuinely dire asthma. This has messed with myself and others my whole life because I am sensitive to dusty indoor air conditions, but because of my condition, I am genuinely on it with my air quality & keeping it clean. I have an air cleaner installed in the Heating & A/C equipment to remove odor & dust. I also have HEPA filters that have smaller than normal holes to catch dust before it goes into the gas furnace & a/c system. I even got UV lights installed in the Heating & A/C. This cleans the air & stops dust before it even is released out of the system. How neat is that? I even have gone one step further & adjusted the moisture levels in my home with humidifiers & dehumidifiers; You would guess that I would do a ton of research anytime I hire someone to come into my home. Well I messed up & hired a Heating & A/C business to add ductwork to my Heating & A/C unit. My forced air Heating & A/C system did not have air ducts. The whole home did not get to be the same temperature. With ductwork, I can have whole home temperature control. However, I did not guess that ductwork replacement requires walls & my ceiling coming down. The dust & plaster is affecting my air quality. I can’t run any of my products or it would mangle them. I am going insane & distraught about my asthma with all the dust flying ground. Apparently ductwork replacement takes awhile to do as well. I am looking into renting a motel room at this point.

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