I got very lucky

We usually have enjoyable weather for our summers.  Now and then, we have a chill, wet and short summer season. For me, the best summers includes beautiful weather and lots of free time. I a fan of basketball, and I like playing around for hours . I have lots of outdoor activities that I enjoy.   I hike local trails , shoot hoops with the neighborhood kids, ride my bike and go kayaking. When I have the time, I lay out on a nearby beach, or go for a swim at the pool. However, what makes a wonderful summertime for me is fairly self-explanatory., I like the heat, especially when I can cool off. For a long time, I didn’t have air conditioning. When I was I was in my third year of college, money was tight. I could hardly afford the books for my classes, so there was no way I  was going to be able to buy a portable air conditioner. I relied on this big, old fan that sounded prefer a chainsaw was starting up in my room. I desperately needed an air conditioner. I got lucky because a buddy of mine was purchasing a brand new A/C unit. When he told me he was throwing away the old one, I volunteered. I’ve never had any issues with it. After five years I still have the portable air conditioner. I still use it in my bedroom window and it cools the space right down.  I so appreciated that cooling unit when I first got it. I stuck it into my bedroom window and kept the door shut. The air conditioner would cool down the bedroom within minutes.