I Got Uncle Joe an A/C as a Gift

When my Uncle Joe turned 75, I wanted to get him an entirely special gift of some kind.

I consulted others in the family to see what he was particularly wanting. She was telling myself and others that the room where he watched TV never quite gets as cool as the rest of the house. He was wanting to get some kind of a/c for just that room. A window air conditioning component was out of the question because no one installs them anymore, and he is certainly not wanting the a/c to cut out his view from the window. So my system was the perfect a single! I decided to purchase my Uncle Joe a ductless mini split a/c that I would personally instal & mount on the wall over the door frame! And this is exactly what I did. When his birthday came, I gave him the a/c wrapped up in a box. He was entirely delighted about this! I entirely installed it for him on his birthday right after he tore into the wrapping. At first he was confused & was not really familiar with what a ductless mini split a/c was. I had to explain it to him. And when I did that was when he became so thrilled with tons of glee! The ductless mini split a/c was the exact solution to the problem he needed to help cool off his otherwise moderate den. I was entirely delighted to have been able to get my Uncle Joe something love this.



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