I Got the HVAC Special Service Call but Just Barely

I had a particularly close call on being able to get a great deal my HVAC dealership was running on heating system tune ups.

They had heating system tune ups marked down 50 percent off the regular fee! I could not believe they were offering such a great price & I wanted to desperately get in on the deal. However the split off date was coming in just a few afternoons. The deal slipped my mind, however, so as soon as I remembered about the heating system tune up I right away ran to the cellphone to call the local HVAC provider to get my heating system tune up on the day’s calendar. I was particularly lucky because they said if I had waited another hour or two to schedule this tune up of the heating system that I would have missed out entirely because they were solidly booked! Everyone in neighborhood was taking luck of this heating system tune up deal. I was a bit taken aback to learn that so maybe people were still using furnaces as their main source of heating. For a long time, I thought almost everyone was using central heating & a/c in my local area. I guess I was mistaken. I was almost too late to hop on this sizable discount gravy train on the heating system tune ups because I was assuming things that were not at all correct! This was a lesson learned to never guess & look for the facts first! I got the HVAC deal, but just barely!

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