I found exactly what I needed at a dumpster

I’m the kind of guy who prefers for things to be simple.

I love to just go with the flow in life and let myself be guided.

It wasn’t too long ago when my central cooling system decided to break down. I don’t exactly make a lot of money so I was thinking about how to remedy my situation. I didn’t know anybody who actually knew how to work on HVAC systems so it seemed I was out of luck. The good news was that it wasn’t overly overheated in my household, but I knew that I would need some sort of cooling system to help me out when the temperatures did become worse. I decided to just take a drive around the area while I thought about things. I ended up seeing a window A/C unit at a dumpster. I couldn’t believe that somebody threw out exactly what I needed in my home. I picked up the window A/C unit and brought it back home. When I plugged it in, it wasn’t even working. I didn’t let this discourage me though, I decided to open the thing up and clean it out really good. I also discovered that there was a wire that was disconnected. When I reconnected the wire, the window A/C unit worked like it was brand new. I honestly couldn’t believe how well the A/C machine worked. I figured the last person probably throw it away because they had no idea how to fix it. When I had that thing fixed I actually wondered if I would be able to repair my own central cooling system. I decided to have a look at some DIY HVAC repair videos.

Ductless mini split