I fixed my air conditioning

When I was done, I had the AC unit back together and running again

Growing up was interesting in my house. My mom and dad never asked anyone for their help, but did everything on their own. They were both handy with a hammer and a nail and what my mom couldn’t do, my dad finished. They were the best team of handymen I had ever seen. I watched as they single handedly built an A-frame house. I wanted to be like them when I grew up and I did everything I could to get dad to let me help when mom’s hands became too arthritic to move. The only thing I remember, now that I am older, is when he allowed me to help fix the air conditioning in the house. He had me tear it apart and when all the pieces were laid in a neat line, he told me to put it back together. I had to think of it as a 3D puzzle. Years later, I remembered this experience, even though it was nearly twenty years later. My wife told me there was something wrong with the air conditioning and I needed to call the HVAC company. Instead of calling the HVAC company, I knew I could fix the air conditioner myself. I mentally pictured every step I used when doing that air conditioning over twenty years ago. When I was done, I had the AC unit back together and running again. My wife got home from grocery shopping and she was amazed at how quickly the HVAC rep had arrived and done the repairs. I smiled and told her I had fixed the AC unit. She just laughed and walked away from me.



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