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My cousin called a few times the other day day to invite myself and others for a visit, with great insistence. He said that he had been checking the weather reports & just felt sorry for me.  You see, the people I was with and I have had a very sad, long Winter in our part & the people I was with and I are still getting insane snowstorms late into the month of April, meanwhile, where he lives a few hundred miles away, everything is in bloom & they have daytime highs in the mid 60’s on a daily basis.  I told his that I would prefer to come but I needed to stay lake house & diligently monitor my Heating & Air Conditioning system. It has been having complications for a while now, so I was afraid that if I was out of town, it may cut for the final time & cause significant disfigure. He asked myself and others if I had tried to fix the AC unit myself or called an Heating & Air Conditioning contractor… but I explained that, although I had a few estimates for repairs in my hands, I couldn’t afford them at this time. Instead, I was trying to nurse the AC system back to health. If I could wait a few months, I would be getting a large tax return & planned on using it to fix or update the entire failing system. My cousin felt bad that I was unable to visit at that time, however understood completely.  But I guess not. That’s why he has now called me over 2 dozen times, begging me to get the AC unit repaired, and I’ve had to block his number.

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