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My bestie is a genuinely crafty guy. He grew up helping his dad, who was a general business. My bestie can fix several apartment concerns, including Plumbing work, electrical work, plus tile work. When our bestie suggested buying a tiny house, I didn’t think what to expect. He suggested building the tiny apartment on our own, but I didn’t believe that was a good idea. Instead, both of us found a small tiny apartment that needed some TLC. My bestie plus I have been certainly working on the tiny apartment for a few weeks now. I am delighted that both of us get along so well, because both of us are in a genuinely small space. The tiny apartment had no way to control the indoor elements. The apartment did not have any heat or air conditioning. My bestie suggested that both of us install a ductless HVAC unit. He explained how the ductless HVAC component could help regulate the temperature levels. The ductless HVAC method does not require any ductwork plus can certainly be installed anywhere in our tiny house. My bestie plus I are going to install our ductless HVAC component in the residing room, near the ceiling. Since our dining room is lofted, the heat plus air conditioning will be closer to our comfort level. We still have a lot of task to do, before both of us can transfer into our modern location. We have to install the sink plus composting toilet in the bathroom. We also need to finish the cabin dining room area. We still have some construction to finish, but most of the location is ready. Once the ductless HVAC component has been installed, both of us can start thinking about our move-in date.

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