I feel like I am dating my HVAC technician

I actually feel like I am dating the HVAC technician.

To clarify, I am not actually dating the HVAC technician.

I only meant to say that it feels like I am dating the HVAC technician because he is over at our house all of the time. My furnace is about to stop working soon, and I am pretty sure that I am going to have to purchase a new furnace. I will be relieved when I can purchase a new furnace because that means that I can stop spending so much money to keep my furnace running. My old furnace is having trouble staying on. When I first called the HVAC technician, he found the broken part quickly, and he got the furnace working quickly. However, after the furnace stopped working, he realized that there were a ton of things on my furnace that would need to be replaced. The HVAC technician has been at my house once a week since that first call. He has been working on my furnace, but he told me that he isn’t sure that it will make my furnace last any longer. At first, I wanted to do anything that I could to keep this furnace, but after spending a fortune on this furnace, I think that it might be better to buy a new one. The HVAC technician has been to my house so often that he gave me his personal cell phone number in case anything stops working. We have spent a ton of time talking and seeing each other that it feels like we are just dating for the first time.



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