I feel good about this now

Rodents genuinely give myself and others the creeps.  Fortunately, I haven’t had to battle them until lately.  Walking through my house, I would notice mouse droppings in locales all over the house.  Even stranger was the fact that I had not seen a mouse. I set a few traps to see if perhaps I could catch the mice plus solve the problem.  The traps never snapped. In fact, the bait was not even disturbed so I had no option but to call the exterminator. When the pest guy showed up, I explained what was going on.  He just smiled plus asked myself and others to point him toward the attic access. Both of us went to the attic to find no sign of mice until the people I was with and I reached the HVAC ducts.  There were nests plus debris all over the ducts. I had mice living in my HVAC ducts. The droppings I had found around the apartment were raining down from the vents. I almost threw up on the spot.  While the exterminator eradicated the mice, I was down stairs on the iphone to our Heating plus A/C dealer. They told myself and others not to panic. The Heating plus A/C business would send out a HVAC duct crew as soon as the exterminator had eliminated the mice.  I sighed a bit in relief but, my next iphone call was to a hotel. The HVAC duct cleaners came out several days later plus took out so much stuff from the ducts. I simply couldn’t watch. Cleaning the HVAC ducts was not there only task. The duct crew also shored up a few sagging duct segments before resealing all of the joints.  After maniacally cleaning the interior of my home, I finally felt as though I could rest straight-forward. Thanks to the Heating plus A/C duct crew, I won’t be faced with a similar disaster again.

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