I feel fortunate

Last winter, our husband plus children continually complained of headaches, sore throat, plus even nausea.  My adolescents missed quite a bit of school, plus our husband was constantly coughing plus sneezing. I purchased tons of orange juice, fed them vitamins, plus even tied up a checkup for our family with a local doctor.  It wasn’t until I observed an abundance of airborne dust, a slight musty stink plus higher than normal energy bills that I started suspecting the furnace was to blame. I am conscientious about annual service of the heating equipment.  Every fall, I hire a licensed Heating plus A/C professional to complete a thorough inspection, cleaning plus tuneup. I was not blissful to guess that the furnace was negatively impacting air quality plus responsible for our health complications.  I called our proper Heating plus A/C company plus asked him check out the furnace. He discovered that the problem was the duct system. In the twelve years we’d lived in the house, I’d never even considered having the HVAC duct ran tests on. Since our heated air passes through the branching network of pipes multiple times per day, it directly impacts our comfort plus the cleanliness of the house.  Every time the furnace starts up, any contaminants within the ducts can become airborne plus introduced into the breath air. The inspection of the HVAC duct revealed an alarming buildup of bacteria plus debris, including a dead mouse plus mold growth. The cleaning process took a little over an hour plus caused no mess or destruction to the home. The improvement in comfort, stink plus cleanliness of the lake house was immediate, plus our heating bills are significantly lower.  

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