I enjoy the colder months, and I have a good HVAC system to keep me comfortable

I actually prefer the fall and the winter.

  • I love when the weather starts to cool down and I’m able to dress in warmer clothes.

I really feel that my jackets and coats are entirely stylish so I love wearing them places. I even like to go outside and play in the snow every so often. Of course just like anybody else, I do get annoyed when I have to scrape snow and ice off of my car. For the most part though, I feel that the snow is absolutely beautiful. It’s nice to be inside though with the comfort of the heating system while watching the snowfall. Sometimes during blizzards, I get a little bit scared. I would hate for the power to go out which would cause a problem with the HVAC system. I don’t think the igniters would work, but we actually never had a power outage in the winter months around here fortunately. We do have a backup ventless gas furnace though so we certainly wouldn’t freeze to death or anything. It would just be a little nippy having to depend on the gas furnace. We also have a few space heaters, but those use electricity, so if the power was out that would be no good. I am thinking about getting a backup generator so we will never have a problem if we ever do face a terrible power outage in the winter months. It’s really better to be prepared for things like that. I’d rather have these things and not need them instead of needing them and not having them.
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