I don’t want to pay for HVAC

I have heard all kinds of excuses for why I am spending so much money on my heating and air conditioning bills.

For some reason, it all sounds like a bunch of excuses.

Everyone thinks I should get a formal heating and air conditioning system for my house. I grew up with nothing but window air conditioning units. It was good enough for my family when I was growing up and i think it should be good enough for me now. I also grew up with nothing but a fireplace in our home. We would tuck down beneath the covers at night and stay nice and warm. I have to admit that we did sleep two in a bed. I slept with my little brother until I was almost twelve. The only thing I missed about it when I got my own room, was that I didn’t have the extra body heat at night. I think my friend is turning the thermostat down on the air conditioning right now, and that is why my energy bill has gone way up. I asked him if he was doing this, but he always says no. I can see him squirming inside his skin, and I am not going to be mad. I just want the truth. I told him that if they had AC units that ran on nothing but Solar power, I would be standing in line to get one, but they don’t. I can’t afford to pay these high energy bills, and I can’t afford to get a new central heating and air conditioning system either.
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