I don’t want this on all the time

To save some money, my wife and I decided to buy a two for one heating and cooling system.  We ordered a heat pump that both heats and cools by transferring heat between the inside and outside of the house.  The whole system consists of two units: one that gets installed in the lawn near the outside of the house and the other inside on an exterior wall.  Both components can not be too far apart for the piping to properly work. Since the entire system cost so much, we decided to try the installation ourselves.  How hard could it possibly be? Setting up the indoor and outdoor components did not sound complicated, as I have prior experience with pipes. But just after a few hours of grueling work we realized that it takes a special kind of person to handle HVAC hardware and installation.  It took nearly an entire day to set up both devices and connecting the two was terrible. I didn’t want to leave the hardware and piping open on top of the grass so we dug up the yard to protect it. After a full day of back breaking work we’re not even sure if the pump will turn on at all and neither one of us has heart the try it and face the disappointment.  We think the heat pump might not even turn on at all. We need to give it some time before we realize our HVAC isn’t going to work.

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